Saturday, December 31, 2016

OUT with the OLD & IN with the NEW!

GOODBYE 2016 - HELLO 2017

Time to set out for a new journey....


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter hats

Hats, I love them. I go between four. My faux Russian
pill box style is my go-too. 
Though The Fedora wool is fine as long as it's not windy.
Of late, I've come to love these two, soft and fleece.
The pink turns into three different styles and the grey and black
is reversible into a solid black.
When your head is cold forget it, and these are so toasty.
Winter's long, so get a few styles, making sure a couple cover neck and ears!
Have fun with color!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas tree

Wow, here we are almost to the end, huh?
All the preparations, food and wrapping and 
stores and menu, and now!

So many great memories for me are attached to the Christmas tree.
I like real trees. When I lived in Florida and when I visit Cali, 
so many white fake trees and it's not the same. Many friends
have fake trees in their home, to each their own.
I love a green real tree, and yes messy but I don't care.
The look and scent, oh the memories.
Of late, less people, less noise.
This year a quiet one.
I've been working a lot of late, I welcome the solitude.
Though I so miss the old days of family 
and animals, children really make Christmas.
After the red ticket drawing the night before Christmas
in town, i'll be homeward bound.
Open one gift with a glass of wine and dinner, as I listen
to Holiday music. A child at heart, I'll pretend Santa came and 
open all the other gifts Christmas morning with my coffee!
Then to bed, as I cook for two family members Christmas day.
Cooking and baking and then when they leave, i'll read 
and maybe a nap, and it's over!

Time and memories dissipate, till next year.

Thursday, December 22, 2016


The Holidays are upon us and by now your done?
Shopping and gifts wrapped, decided on the menu and gifts heading away already shipped?
Oh well, if not, better late then never.
Without small ones around I feel it's pretty simple.
Put up a tree and wreath and get the food and drinks,
fill a vase with fresh holly, fill the candy dishes and call it a day!
I am one for mailing out Christmas cards, I love that task.
This year to date I have five cards? Usually I have already 
received around thirty!HUM? Either people
moved, passed on or simply aren't snail mailing? It's not only
me this year, many friends have said the same, wonder why?Cost of stamps?
Honestly, I feel birthdays are truly special.
Christmas to me is a gathering of a nice meal and drink and desert with those you care about, be it family and or friends.
Once everyone leaves,
I welcome an afternoon of a few hours to read, as I always get a book or two.
Eggnog & maybe and a nap! 
Try to remain calm and enjoy the moments, and I do hope for a little snow!
Happy Holidays-Debra

Sunday, December 18, 2016


So now the gift wrap begins.
Well I collect french and wired wide ribbon.
But I must add, I don't care to wrap.
And since I am into this new train of thought, do what makes
you happy, and no Holiday stress, I may do just that.
This year, gift bags with a nice ribbon tied on the handle,yes!

Friday, December 16, 2016


My take on a wreath.
My dad never liked them as he once told me, when someone passed away a wreath would be
hung on the family front door, when he was growing up.
 For many years i'd stay clear of them, really.
Then one day I went to a Flower Shop and purchased
a willow wreath, to hang on a wall year round. I like the simplicity 
of it.
The wreath is actually a symbol of life, but stands for many
things, in various religions and regions.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

ivy topiary

Ivy topiary I repotted yesterday.
She needed a stick to help balance the weight.
I know English Ivy is fool proof, but I am using "Mint Kolibri"Ivy instead.
I love Ivy & Holly always have.
My friend Glenora gave me the two ball topiary, and so this is her name.
(i name things)
Should be nice and full come Spring, I hope.
Next to Glenora Ivy sit two bulbs of Paperwhite and Chinese Money,
I am trying to propagate, I found it foraging.
So she sits at the kitchen sink overlooking the dreary deck, till Spring, when the
temps hold at 50 and she can head outside!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

holiday scent

It's raining, a typical island day in grey fog.
Add in the cold.
No worries here as I'm in a Holiday state of mind!
I need scent around me year round, but this season
evokes childhood memories.
Take a pot, and inside place cloves, small pine needle
branch, lemon and orange slices, cinnamon sticks and I had a
spice necklace from Belize I tossed in. Cover with
tap water, bring it to a boil.
Simmer, and you'll smell the aroma-ENJOY!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas stuff..

Christmas things/stuff tend to make most of us happy.
Children especially!
The lights, and ornaments and music.
I'm sorting through the ornaments and lights,and recently
found clip on birds to sit on the tree branches and pink ornaments,
too add to my collection.
Need to cut off the flowers for a Botanical Ink December project, I dried them.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

National Cookie Day

We all love cookies, yes? 
"Cookie" the English word derives from "Koekie" the Dutch
word meaning LITTLE CAKE!
The cookie origin appears to be in Persia 7th century.
In America cookies arrived in the 17th century.
Gingerbread & Macaroons were the popular early 
American cookies.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Holly, i've always loved! I placed a bunch
outside one of the doors, with a green french ribbon.
How lovely.
A friend has two holly trees growing, so I have my fresh supply!
Next a bunch for the inside vases.

Oh, December

 Oh, December is here!
Christmas tree, lights, lots of sparkle,
good food & wine for celebration, gatherings, scents of wood burning,
and holiday music.
Pinecones and pine needles replace leaves on the ground.
Holly, oh how I love holly, i'll put it all over the house.
Also on my beloved dads grave here.
The two new clip-on birds sitting on the willow wreath above
will stay there till the tree comes, then they fly over.