Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas tree

Wow, here we are almost to the end, huh?
All the preparations, food and wrapping and 
stores and menu, and now!

So many great memories for me are attached to the Christmas tree.
I like real trees. When I lived in Florida and when I visit Cali, 
so many white fake trees and it's not the same. Many friends
have fake trees in their home, to each their own.
I love a green real tree, and yes messy but I don't care.
The look and scent, oh the memories.
Of late, less people, less noise.
This year a quiet one.
I've been working a lot of late, I welcome the solitude.
Though I so miss the old days of family 
and animals, children really make Christmas.
After the red ticket drawing the night before Christmas
in town, i'll be homeward bound.
Open one gift with a glass of wine and dinner, as I listen
to Holiday music. A child at heart, I'll pretend Santa came and 
open all the other gifts Christmas morning with my coffee!
Then to bed, as I cook for two family members Christmas day.
Cooking and baking and then when they leave, i'll read 
and maybe a nap, and it's over!

Time and memories dissipate, till next year.

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