Sunday, January 8, 2017


Last week traveling on the fast ferry got me thinking about children.
Many all over the ferry.
I was a 50's child and my son a 70's child (both of us above, he 3 yr old- me 5 yr old)
and compared to today such a contrast.
Usually I bring a book/magazine to read, sometimes I doze off.
Well, of late parents mostly Mothers are reading aloud, yup loud
to their child, children.
I love books and children BUT why are we subjected to listen to your story telling?
We were raised to speak softly in public, what happened to that?
Everyone seems to be getting louder.
In restaurants, on cell phones walking down a street, why?
Your infringing on our space!
Lack of manners, classless?
Your children mock their parents behavior-think it's time parents you change.
Most are darlin and well dressed, BUT I don't see, hear manners, wonder why?
May I ask those traveling with your darlin children to make them aware
of space, noise, speaking low, while teaching yourself the same. PLEASE
as our society is already a mess, and it starts with the child.
Remember that song "Teach Your Children Well"? by 
Crosby,Stills & Nash...
I call it the entitlement crowd, work on it parents!

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  1. Well said Debra... I can remember when my (now 38 yr old) daughter was about 5 or 6-just beginning to sound out words and "read"- she had what they called "Quiet Books" in public places. They were made of felt and had people and animals that stuck in places and tucked back in a little sack when she was done. We told her why she had them- to respect the listening of others. And to this day she heeds that advice- and has gone on to read in 2 languages as she pursued her Ph.D. Coincidence? Not to me! Thanks for this reminder Debra!