Tuesday, February 28, 2017

stripe rocks & feathers

If i'm walking and a feather's in my path-I scoop it up.
If I stumble on a rock and it has stripes (wishing rocks)
I bring it home.
My new collections-Hygee moments!
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Sunday, February 26, 2017


I looked at my Spring wardrobe and the footwear dept. looking a bit bleak!
Time to update, purge and comfort at the top of my list.
I love the colors. Taupe and blush so far!
I will need white leather sneakers also.
Ladies, take a look at "Earth" footwear, you'll be amazed.
Remember the Swedish Yoga gal who started this footwear Co. thirty-plus years ago?
Well my Booties above are Earth! Comfort and on trend!
I like no more than a 2" heel these days, as I stand at 5'6 &1/2".
Steve Madden & Ryka & Birkies and Vionic are all amazing!
View the Evolution Of Shoes from 8000BC thru 1970.
We are on our feet constantly, take good care to make sure they
have comfort and treat yourself to a pedicure.
One last mention, get a shoe rack or keep them in their original boxes.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Blush & Taupe

Colors of light skin tones appeal to me!
I've been drawn to tones of taupe and blush of late.
Decor as well as on trend wearables, it's all working.
I feel even calmer wearing or having these shades around me.
Though, 2017 Pantone is the word, and they say Greens, i'm noticing a lot
of the same blush and taupes returning.
They look fresh and clean on every skin tone, not abrasive.
I so needed a cross-body bag, never thinking i'd find one in blush
soft leather!
The taupe perforated booties, such a find and can't wait to wear them for Spring.
Accessories here and there have shown up in my path, so I grabbed them,
again in blush.
In fashion trends I say pick the styles and colors that work for you, always.
(I have managed to find a few lovely Green Pantone color tops, w/my theme of lace
& ruffles.)

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The book arrived after the holidays.
The little book of Hygee. Pronounced HOO-GA.
Danish Secrets To Happy Living.
by Meik Wiking-the CEO of Happiness Research Institute.

Yes-two hundred & twenty one pages of info.
Well come to find out I've been living the Hygee way!
Games, TV night, sledding, play, relax, picnic, watch the sky.
We all need a notebook and fav pen, fav blanket and socks,
tea, music, a warm sweater, and a comfortable chair.
Find time for walks, and foraging, and knit and always be comfortable.
Hygee is my world!
A great read, I'll pass mine on to a friend off island and she to another.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


We all have our own reasons for meditating.
Enlightenment, mindfulness, center ones self,
it's all good, it's so healthy to do.
I practice daily, on my bedroom floor near a window.
I wanted a pretty comfy pillow and found one.
A pink & white faux fur Isaac Mizrahi oversized euro.
Simply adore it and it so adds to my practice, and always with flowers around me.

Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day!

Not a day I particularly care for, but
many do. Look around at your local retail stores, amazing.
So much out there to purchase for this day!
Here's my contribution to all my readers & followers.
Make your day special in every way, today and really every day!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

winter inside

Well I'm counting, I need Spring fast!
Brother James took this shot visiting from Fla.
I feel I look so pale!
Still working on my 90 Days of Purging,
have you read about this?
Haven't worn it, read it, used it, listened to it-it goes.
Off to the "Take It or Leave It" at our dump!
As Spring comes I'd like it to be airy around my nest.
Looking forward to open windows and growth on the deck and raised bed,
and mostly sunshine!
It's almost here a few more weeks (I HOPE).

Saturday, February 4, 2017


As we enter February, countdown to Spring for me. I figure at least six more weeks of cold.
So, inside I need scents of floral and this market Hyacinth starts the collection.
It caught my eye as it's pink! But I'd like a few white also.
The aroma is so pretty and fresh.
She sits in a Nantucket basket, in a bulb vase.
A few more around my nest will help me, as we all await Spring!