Wednesday, March 8, 2017


As young children we learn to write.
Print or cursive I recall. Proper penmanship was imperative
back then.

I loved sending out handwritten Thank You note cards,
after Birthday & Christmas! It was tradition.

My only child, a son could write & draw quite early in his life.

I was a Town News Columnist, long ago in my other life, living on another Island. I so loved that job. Part-time as I wanted to fill all my time up
as my son was about to leave for college. So I worked full-time, and wrote PT,
and baked and sold bread and was so involved in his world.

Then I started writing stories and dad & I were going to work on a book project
about the time he was diagnosed with cancer. He the illustrator and I the writer. NOT!

So, life continues and I cherish my writing time.
Currently two book projects.
These days I type on my typewriter, type on my computer,
and write long hand with Quill and with my favorite pen, in journal and paper.

We must not give up writing long hand, so teach your children to send off hand written 
cards and or notes snail mail, keep up tradition.

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